Search and select actors at Dagcasting: quickly and easy!

Why selecting talent and actors at dagcasting?

As a photographer or producer it is important to select the right cast for your photo shooting or commercial production. The actors, models or people chosen need to fit the product or the image of your client. With a well-informed choice you can be certain of a professional on set resulting in smooth shooting.

Searching and selecting those models and actors require certain criteria to set the perfect match. Working with an experienced casting director as Dagcasting is therefor a wise choice. This will result in a fast and accurate selection so well as a professional mediator looking after the paper work.

How selecting actors at Dagcasting?

At Dagcasting you can select actors in various ways:

  •  A personal login to our client page will enable you to search and select actors in our database. With a simple click you can send us your preferences. We check their availabilities, request the necessary information and provide a transparent overview. 
  • Or do you wish to outsource the selection to our casting director? Based upon your briefing and your storyboard we choose the right person at the right place at the right time.
  • Should you require actors for a more complex role or a role with text then we are in a position to provide a video casting. The selected actors will in our hi tech casting studio be filmed whilst re-enacting your script. Via a personal login on our ftp page you can watch the casting movies where and whenever you prefer. Relax and watch us work! This type of casting only requires that you consult the page and choose the right actors.

Dagcasting is a flexible partner for all your casting projects for which customized solutions can be achieved. A combination of the methods mentioned above is possible in your search for actors.

We do of course have our own casting studio, but should you so require  we can also provide a video-casting elsewhere.

A detailed briefing will result in a customized proposal being despatched as soon as practically possible. We choose to work with fixed fees (eventual recalls included). This way pop up surprises can normally be avoided. Our search will continue until you have found the perfect cast!